St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Bundaberg, has a long and impressive history dating back to 1876 when two Sisters of St Joseph, Sr Francesca and Sr Teresa, arrived to set up the very first Catholic primary school in Bundaberg.  

The school was originally established in a wooden church and in those early years, and the foundress of the Josephite sisters, Mother Mary MacKillop visited the school on at least two occasions to see how the Sisters were going and how the students were performing.  

Due to hierarchical interference, the Sisters of St Joseph’s were withdrawn from the school in the 1880s and were replaced by the Sisters of Mercy. 

By 1908, the school had grown significantly and it was inconvenient to remain in the church so a new school was then built and established. 

In 1976 a Commonwealth grant was given to build the new school and by 1990 the Preschool was opened. It was the first Catholic preschool in Bundaberg.  

Around 1994 an out of school care service was established and it was the first of its kind in the Diocese of Rockhampton. Since 2004, many areas of the school have been upgraded and refurbished. 

The first lay Principal was Denis Donovan in 1985. Mr Donovan was appointed after the Sisters of Mercy ceased running the school in 1981.

The current principal is Kaye Beston.

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