As we step back in time to the opening of St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, Sarina, in 1925, we share the historic timeline of how the school’s journey unfolded:

1923: Father Tom Hogan requested the Sisters of Mercy to form a community in Sarina.

Reverend Mother de Sales named Sr M Laurence, Sr M Celestine and Sr M Joan to begin their mission in the Sarina district.

1925: St Anne’s Catholic Primary School was founded by the Sisters of Mercy and officially blessed and opened on 23 May 1925 by Bishop Joseph Shiel with Sr M Laurence as the Foundation Principal.

In the intervening years, there has been much refurbishment and expansion of the facilities.

1978: The Reverend Father Michael Sheeran Library was blessed and opened by Bishop Bernard Wallace.

1980: The William Hoey Wing was constructed providing classrooms and an all-weather shelter underneath.

1995: A new library and administration block was built and the existing library was converted to the St Anne’s Preschool.

2000: St Anne’s reached a milestone in 2000 with the establishment of the inaugural school board. This body is responsible for the development of school policy and provides a vital link to all community members.

2001: A major construction project provided extensions to the administration building to house offices and staff room, a learning support room, Year 7 classroom, tuck-shop and all-weather undercroft.

2005: St Anne’s celebrated their 80th anniversary in 2005. This was a community-wide event which saw many past principals, staff and students returning for this event.

2006: A new classroom was built in preparation for the expansion of the school.

2007: A new Prep facility was developed and the Year One classroom was refurbished.

Further photos and information about the school’s history can be found here.